‘Not the America any of us should want’

Not the America any of us should want

‘Not the America any of us should want’
Sherrilyn Ifill discusses some of the restrictive voting rights laws recently passed and local voter suppression efforts.

Know someone who needs to be convinced to vote because they think it doesn’t matter who wins? Then they probably won’t mind when the rules in their state change making it necessary for a lot of people to take buses all over creation to track down documents to be able to get an allowed type of photo I.D. to be able to vote.

If Donald Trump and Steve Doocy Don’t Know . . .

Donald Trump vs. Global Warming

Tuesday January 7, 2014
Donald Trump and Fox & Friends vs. Global Warming
Noted climatologist Donald Trump weighs in on global warming, and a Fox & Friends report targets Al Gore’s book, “An Inconvenient Truth.” (03:34)

Colorado’s Pot Shops Say They’ll Be Sold Out Any Day Now


Before Colorado began selling legal pot on January 1st, people had estimated how much would be sold how fast, and related estimates were made for how much tax money would come in as a result.

Whenever you hear someone’s estimate of human activity in the future, it deserves lots of skepticism. Often it is no more than made up reality.

Sometimes Joe Scarborough is Sensible

Joe-is-rightHarris-Perry, Romney handled controversy gracefully

I just happened to catch this as I was going back to sleep. Nicolle Wallace who was with the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign was apparently determined to continue their in-commercial conversation, and it took over the planned Mika’s Papers segment entirely. Some people who seem to live to be angry need to get over themselves.

60 Minutes Blows It Again


Hit Job On Clean Energy Ignores The Facts | ThinkProgress

It would be tempting to understand such pieces as this as coming from a specific political point of view, but even venerable reporters such as Lesley Stahl have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to ignore a useful context for facts they present as “the story.” As a mere citizen who tries to follow current events at a basic level, I easily knew how messed-up this story was as it was presented. The private sector would love to have the bottom line success rate of the energy businesses in which the government invested. The Right loves to jump up and down screaming “Solyndra!” as if the standard for government should be that anything less than perfection equals failure when it seeks to accomplish anything. Find a CEO who wouldn’t be thrilled with an investment success rate of 97%.

60 Minutes is apparently unaware that the DOE Loan Guarantee Program has a whopping 97 percent success rate, while the companies CBS focuses on such as Solyndra and Abound Solar were just 3 percent of the portfolio.

It’s as if 60 Minutes did a profile of the venture firm Kleiner-Perkins and focused primarily on its failed investments with only passing mention of AOL — and no mention at all of Amazon.com, Genentech, Sun Microsystems or Google! In fact, when 60 Minutes profiled co-founder Tom Perkins several years ago, they called him “the captain of capitalism” and only found time to mention the winners!


Because . . . “Benghazi!” Really?


ALEX WITT 01/04/14
​​Fallujah taken over by Al Qaeda militants
Alex Witt talks to The New York Times’ John Burns about Al Qaeda militants seizing Fallujah and the city’s critical history in the Iraq War.

Longtime Baghdad bureau chief and correspondent for the New York Times John Burns, respected by everyone this side of the wacko contingent, tells us in this report: “…I’m afraid now that we are spectators on the edge of a volcano which we cannot quell.” Burns thinks Iraqi violence will probably morph into a full-scale civil war.

If President Obama had gone to Benghazi and killed our diplomats himself, it would not compare to one tenth of one percent of the uncountable lives lost needlessly resulting from the U.S. and others being misled into war in Iraq. Was it half a million Iraqi civilians? One million? The march of death continues to this day. George W. Bush had no clue what a Shiite or a Sunni was when he sent our obedient troops into Iraq. The deficit hawks would have done well to prevent such violent boondoggle which will surely have a price tag on it of more than three trillion dollars, once all the injured soldiers live out the remaining decades of their natural lives. They seem happy enough to cut tiny budget items that devastate the poor instead. So blinded by their hatred of President Obama, raising a voice to note George W. Bush’s ongoing cavalcade of needless death and destruction would never occur to a single one of them, and none would ever whimper a modest mea culpa for their complicity.

ASCAP 100: Why We Create Music [Film] – Collaborative Score

Published on Nov 22, 2013
http://ASCAP100.com ASCAP hits its 100-year milestone on February 13th, 2014. For an entire century, the leading US performing rights organization has made it possible for American songwriters, composers and music publishers, who create the music the world loves, to thrive alongside the businesses that use their work. The site (http://ASCAP100.com) features an interactive timeline of ASCAP’s rich history and additional interviews with each of the 15 ASCAP members featured in this film.

The Obamacare wars press on


ALL IN 01/03/14
The Obamacare wars press on
New Year, same strategy, different approach. Republicans continue their battle against the Affordable Care Act.

Will any other news outlets please do some basic reporting to put the recent Oregon study on emergency care in context? Use of emergency care will decrease after long pent-up demand has been served and people used to emergency rooms are steered toward their primary care physicians. Chris Hayes here is the only news outlet doing any original reporting on this study beyond parroting it, and letting the all-happy-with-herself author of the study tell her side of things unchecked.

(Psst. This is not a theocracy.)

Portland School Board formally dismisses Bill Diss, Benson High School teacher who claims he was targeted for pro-life views

By Nicole Dungca | ndungca@oregonian.com
on December 17, 2013 at 4:14 PM, updated December 17, 2013 at 4:17 PM

Well of course he imagines himself to be a victim. People who strongly oppose abortion would have greater success in their cause if they promoted birth control rather than act like the Taliban. Stunning.

Energy industry runs roughshod over North Dakota

You’ve been transporting oil in an illegal pipeline for two years which is subject to a $10,000 per day fine? Well we don’t want to discourage other oil companies from coming to North Dakota and doing the same thing, so let’s just forget about that whole “fine” thing.


Energy industry runs roughshod over North Dakota
Rachel Maddow reports on recent oil disasters in North Dakota and how accountability is sacrificed for fear of discouraging energy industry investment.
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