Because . . . “Benghazi!” Really?


ALEX WITT 01/04/14
​​Fallujah taken over by Al Qaeda militants
Alex Witt talks to The New York Times’ John Burns about Al Qaeda militants seizing Fallujah and the city’s critical history in the Iraq War.

Longtime Baghdad bureau chief and correspondent for the New York Times John Burns, respected by everyone this side of the wacko contingent, tells us in this report: “…I’m afraid now that we are spectators on the edge of a volcano which we cannot quell.” Burns thinks Iraqi violence will probably morph into a full-scale civil war.

If President Obama had gone to Benghazi and killed our diplomats himself, it would not compare to one tenth of one percent of the uncountable lives lost needlessly resulting from the U.S. and others being misled into war in Iraq. Was it half a million Iraqi civilians? One million? The march of death continues to this day. George W. Bush had no clue what a Shiite or a Sunni was when he sent our obedient troops into Iraq. The deficit hawks would have done well to prevent such violent boondoggle which will surely have a price tag on it of more than three trillion dollars, once all the injured soldiers live out the remaining decades of their natural lives. They seem happy enough to cut tiny budget items that devastate the poor instead. So blinded by their hatred of President Obama, raising a voice to note George W. Bush’s ongoing cavalcade of needless death and destruction would never occur to a single one of them, and none would ever whimper a modest mea culpa for their complicity.